DIY Nyttig Fil 440 replacement

IKEA renews its products all the time, so it’s sometimes quite difficult to get replacement parts. I had to replace the charcoal filters of an extractor hood but IKEA does not sell the exact same model, but the Nyttig Fil 440 is supposed to be compatible.

So I ordered those… and they are “almost” compatible. There’s a bump on the side that prevent it to snap into place easily, force needs to by applied (and one of the 2 filters got a bit broken in the process).

Also note that there is much less charcoal than in the original one (250 g in the original one, less than 100 g in the new one). You can easily find 1 kg of active charcoal for less than 20 €, so at 35 €, to me, the Nyttig Fil 440 is clearly not a good deal.

Unfortunately I threw away the original filters (after extracting the charcoal out of it) so I couldn’t use them as a base for a 3D model. Anyway, I went ahead and designed my own.

I’ll probably do more modifications if I have to print those again (deeper cuts for the side clips, slightly bigger lid…), but that print was good enough to be used.

I added a piece of exhaust hood fleece filter to catch grease and dust particles that will reduce the effectiveness of the charcoal otherwise.

I don’t have tools to measure the air quality improvement of those compared to the IKEA ones, air quality sensors are a bit expensive, but if I get hold on that someday I’ll happily test the different filters.

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