I was at FOSDEM this year again. FOSDEM 2017 was held in Brussels (as usual) on February 4th and 5th. Almost every talks were recorded and can be watch freely on FOSDEM's website.

Here are some random things I saw and found interesting during the event:

  • Olimex TERES-I: it's an open source hardware laptop sold as kit to mount yourself, the specifications for all the parts are available. So you can repair it, you can customize it, you can make it better… Currently it's quite limited but I really hope the community around that kind of initiatives will grow and provide good products.
  • Turris Omnia: an open hardware home router based on OpenWrt that can be customized to yours needs, you can even use it as a NAS (using internal SSD or external USB 3 drives).
  • Vikings: they are in the process of creating a hosting company with only open source software, including the server BIOS using libreboot.
  • Cozy cloud, Nextcloud, Kolab, FreedomBox, YunoHost, InternetCube: the decentralized internet devroom is a new track this year and a very successful one, the room was full all day long. A lot of projects to get back your data, prevent commercial and govermental spying, selfhost your cloud.
  • Taler: an interesting set of features for a cryptocurrency.

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