Restore Debian's UEFI

I updated my iPC2 firmware and it was not booting anymore after that. The computer starts and gives me the UEFI shell, selecting the proper hard drive where the Operating System is installed (Debian) didn’t boot either.

I browsed the web a bit to find how to solve this and didn’t found a simple clear answer, so here is what I did to restore my Debian’s UEFI boot:

  • Download and burn Debian’s installation CD (netinst is enough).
  • Boot the Debian’s installation CD and go with the rescue mode.
  • My hard drive is partitionned that way:
    • /dev/sda1: EFI
    • /dev/sda2: /
    • /dev/sda3: swap
  • So, when asked the root file system, I selected /dev/sda2.
  • Then I executed a shell in /dev/sda2 and typed the following commands:

    # mount -a
    # modprobe efivars
    # apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi
    # update-grub
    # grub-install
    # exit
    • Then restarted my computer and it booted properly again.

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