My name is Laurent Desgrange. I’m a software engineer based in Paris, interested in agile methods (eXtreme Programming), loving FLOSS, adhering to the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and earning my life by writing software (mostly in Java, a bit of PHP, did some Erlang).


  • October 2011 — July 2017: CTO (see ABC Microfinance).
  • September 2010 — October 2011: Senior Developer.
  • June 2009 — September 2010 (see ERC).
  • January 2008 — February 2008 (see Esmertec).
  • May 2004 — January 2006.
  • Development and maintenance of Masternaut’s geolocation system. Involving Java web development, setting up network and web/db servers.
    • I replaced our CVS with Subversion in order to have a versioning system correctly handling binary files and versioning on directories. This allowed us to refactor the applications with fewer obstacles.
    • I installed a Continuous Integration system (CruiseControl) in order to have a unique build server and keep track of the statuses of applications.
    • I created a Single Sign On and Load Balancing system to allow communication between applications and provide better quality of service to the users.
    • As a team we configured MySQL (our database system) with master-slave replication in order to have real-time data backups and increase the fault-tolerance of the applications.
  • August 2003 — September 2003.
  • I was in charge of migrating data from a “homemade” customer’s resume database to the software provided by Djossou ltd.:
  • March 2003 — July 2003.
  • I worked on “Nestor III”, a home automation system:
    • I used a Wago control system to manage inputs and outputs
    • Wago IO Pro to program the control system
    • VB6 to create a UI used by the customers to set up their preferences in the control system



  • September 2000 — July 2003.
  • Engineer’s degree, Software Engineering.
  • Activities and Societies: Club Informatique.